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Archives: Portfolio

2016. Tan-Tan

International cooperating mission with the objective of teaching laparoscopic surgery and prehospitalary medicine in the region of Tan-tan. We were continuing El Aaiún de 2016, guess by foundation Almouggar, in Maroc, Fundación Tres Culturas, improving the realtion between comunities hispano-árabic; SAMU made a formation mission, in this way the benefits will perdure on time. Mission…

2015. Aaiun

The Morocco´s kingdom is absorbed in a deep plan of modernization and globalization about medical attention, what expose on the new health´s law with date(BO no 6344 de 19/03/2015). Between the aims of progress the plan “Stratégie Sectorial de Santé 2012-2016” we find: To improve the attention and practice on A&E medicine with proximity, professionalisation…

2015. Earthquake in Nepal

A team of first responders travelled to Katmandu to join an international reconstruction mission in Nepal, after one of the worst earthquakes in the region in more than 100 years.  

2015. Calais

The Channel Tunnel was open for travel in 1994, and by 1999 began to emerge migrant settlements across the city of Calais, France. Attributable to the immigrants’ intentions to cross the tunnel and reach the United Kingdom seeking for asylum, the city witnessed an exponential growth of refugees across the years – mostly from Africa…

2011. Earthquake in Lorca

The day May 11, 2011 at 18,47h, an earthquake of magnitude 5.1, which has been preceded by an earthquake of 4.5, as confirmed by the Government Delegation in Lorca. The Government delegate, Rafael González Tovar, has confirmed that eight died and two others are very serious. In addition, the number of injured stands at fifty.…

2005. Severe flooding in Guatemala

Samu deployed medical teams to assist the local population and assist in the reconstruction of local health services, on the aftermath of widespread floods in the country.

2005. Tsunami in Indonesia

Samu was a key component of the international relief effort and participated in medical assistance, refugee camps logistics and aid distribution, in collaboration with the Spanish Red Cross and other agencies. Teams of Samu volunteers remained in Indonesia for several months.